December 27, 2010

Thank you ALL for the most encouraging words....

... i ever got in my whole life. Wow, i feel all warm inside.
I suck ass for not putting drawings up since october, i was in NYC doing an art show (DCKT gallery) and my fancy book coming out. It was crazy ! here are some tabloid-inspired watercolors that are in the show:
I LOVE YOU anyone who likes me.

this is on a wall where my friends live


  1. None of my friends are worth braving rats for...

    These watercolours are great, US magazine should ditch their photographers and have you paint on location.

    Have you read Sarah Glidden's Israel book?

  2. I'm crazy for you, Sophie. I love your work, I admire you with my entire heart. :)

  3. Sophie, these are great pieces. Do more, post often.

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