December 27, 2010

Better quality pictures (all of this was in the show):

(Some is very recent and some is as old as 4 years ago.)


  1. i love the first image. and (kate moss?) in the horns. wish i could have been in nyc to say hi and have you sign my book. glad to see you're posting again. congratulations on everything.

  2. thank you. Its Lara Stone, i believe. Fat lips... Taken from the huge issue of Vogue (90 years) last september ; there were some good photos...

  3. la nana sulla sedia col muro color muffa è stupenda!

  4. Hi Sophie- I bought your book. Is there a way to purchase your art?

  5. THanks for buying my book Wentworth !
    check out anders nilsen's "big questions", awesome comix series, beautifully drawn... im just saying.

  6. Holly shit... the first one...
    You're really good...

  7. I see Maxon Crumb's style in your work. I'm glad that the artistic gene is being passed on.

  8. Every one of them has a surprise the way good stories surprise you. They're so much fun to look at, so enjoyable. They're elegant, hilarious, and human. Also truthful and sincere. I've just recently been introduced to your work and I'll happily continue to admire it.

  9. I enjoyed meeting you at a MOCCA show a few years back. I was the guy wearing the Nancy and Sluggo t-shirt. Just became a follower of your blog and I think your art looks fantastic!

  10. thanks everyone !
    wentworth : maybe you can contact the guys at my gallery show (DCKT gallery) to buy artwork. Right now i dont have that much stuff to sell in my house ; it's all in the show, but im working on more... Talk to me and i'll do what i can, y'know... the blog is the most direct way.

  11. While your dad has been labeled the bruegel of our ages by that art critic, I think the label applies much better to you; your drawings show the ugliness and despair of society, the brutal hopelessness, the lack of awareness, yet with a humor that gives some hope in that your viewers will recognize themselves, and thus perhaps, gain self awareness. Or maybe you just wanted to make some drawings and cash. Still, it works for me.

  12. I'm 73 lived in 60s Haight lots of Crumb fans Deadheads Bukowski fans etc..
    R. Crumb as much a "legend" as Sarah Palin to her fan base EVOLUTION OF CRAZY...." for 1penny at AMAZON...will now order the premium signed edition $300.00....the only writer artist on the market worth
    any recognition is Sophie Crumb....would like to see complete book of your sketchbook style with inked lettering...
    James McKee

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  15. Hi Sophie, I just found your blog and it's so great to see your drawings. i am teaching college kids drawing and keep trying to tell them how awesome and important it is to keep a regular sketchbook, but I don't think they ever really believe me... I will make a point to show them this blog and see if that helps. :)

    Your drawings have such a great not perfect/perfect sense to them!

    I have an art blog, too, if you want to have a look.

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