October 3, 2010

Here are as many recent sketch-book pages as i could put, to catch up with my tardiness...


  1. So grreat!! Wish I could read French.

    I also wish I could survive just by going around and drawing in my sketchbook.

  2. es muy hermoso,,,,eres genial, sophie.

  3. Your dog's comments cracked me up! I hope he's feeling better these days.

  4. my doggy died a month after that drawing... RIP my sweet puppers. he was gay, god bless him. It's true.

  5. sorry about your dog. my cat is gay. flamingly gay. not that there's anything wrong with that.

    greatgreatgreat drawings!!!!

  6. I was pissed the Snooki drawing was sold before I got to it!

  7. How disgusting! Wonderful. Your drawings are very funny.

  8. Hi Sophie, I just found your blog and it's so great to see your drawings. i am teaching college kids drawing and keep trying to tell them how awesome and important it is to keep a regular sketchbook, but I don't think they ever really believe me... I will make a point to show them this blog and see if that helps. :)

    Your drawings have such a great not perfect/perfect sense to them!

    I have an art blog, too, if you want to have a look.

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