July 22, 2010

More auto promotion...

...and i would like to say what my book "Evolution of a crazy artist" is, cause with all my self promotin, i forgot to say what the book has in it :
It has about 300 drawings from age 2,5 to now (28), all done in sketchbooks or whatever, loose paper. My parents archived the best of them in obsessive files, and we'd been thinking for a while that it would make an interesting book to compile a bunch of them. None of them were done for printing purposes, its all personal, spontaneous weird shit. The point of the book is not "hey im sophie, look at sophie's drawings, here's a drawing of sophie by sophie, this is my life, etc etc" although it does have that personal aspect. We thought it could be meaningful to see this spiralling evolution, to see how the drawings evolve depending on where i was at the time, doing what... it's intended to be kind of psychologically interesting in that way, i hope it is. It is not intended to be a life diary or something. Anyways, they explain it here in an embarrassing company promotion description :


Ok, i will put drawings now and try not to use you as target audience cattle.


  1. soph, i wish you would have pimped yourself with this one more! it's already almost half a year later and i JUST heard of it today - damn! i look forward to being able to afford it eventually, maybe after the holidays.

    I'm sure it is great.