August 7, 2011

i spent so ridiculously long on this drawlin...

...that i cant look at it anymore,i just see insane tweaking.
taken from fancy vogue photo 2009. grotesque glamour !

June 29, 2011

skchbk drwngs

comic is about my husband trying to tell me i'm pretty too... he's pretty bad at it !
comic about how we're too used to throwing food scraps to our dog...
bottom right about how people always say the same shit about your baby ("oh he's sooo tiny"/ " oh he's not too skinny ")

June 13, 2011

more sketchbook

recent sketchbook drawings

i am a bad blogger and wish i had more time and stuff...

... sorry !
This is a watercolor, dip-pen (and sharpie background) for a show in my village's gallery called "women on the verge of a nervous breakdown", in french. taken from a photo

February 13, 2011

recent sketchbook drawings

this says :"Zaza's 10 years older" and Zozo is sad...

this is "Mister France" for real

February 11, 2011

2 new weird watercolors ...

..that i already sent off to the NYC gallery, which is why i only have these crappy photos of them (both are taken from photos from 1976 & 1981)