December 27, 2010

Better quality pictures (all of this was in the show):

(Some is very recent and some is as old as 4 years ago.)

some more art show stuff...

...and on facebook and the galleriy's website (DCKT) there is more.

Thank you ALL for the most encouraging words....

... i ever got in my whole life. Wow, i feel all warm inside.
I suck ass for not putting drawings up since october, i was in NYC doing an art show (DCKT gallery) and my fancy book coming out. It was crazy ! here are some tabloid-inspired watercolors that are in the show:
I LOVE YOU anyone who likes me.

this is on a wall where my friends live

July 31, 2010

not a drawing i am finishing the ones im about to scan very soon i know millions of you are holding your breath

but jesus i had to share this, this is where the name comes from ! In germany early 20th century they invented a pharmaceutical they thought would be less addictive than morphine. tttsshh! They called it Heroin cause of it's "heroic effects on the patient", haw haw. Plus its a "cough suppressant" not even pain killer. I mean, its true, you do cough less when you're heroically comatosin' between your couch pillows.

July 25, 2010

game : find sophie's graffiti on wall that doesnt exist anymore

The cover of my book edited by Norton :

(no more publicity after this)

July 22, 2010

More auto promotion...

...and i would like to say what my book "Evolution of a crazy artist" is, cause with all my self promotin, i forgot to say what the book has in it :
It has about 300 drawings from age 2,5 to now (28), all done in sketchbooks or whatever, loose paper. My parents archived the best of them in obsessive files, and we'd been thinking for a while that it would make an interesting book to compile a bunch of them. None of them were done for printing purposes, its all personal, spontaneous weird shit. The point of the book is not "hey im sophie, look at sophie's drawings, here's a drawing of sophie by sophie, this is my life, etc etc" although it does have that personal aspect. We thought it could be meaningful to see this spiralling evolution, to see how the drawings evolve depending on where i was at the time, doing what... it's intended to be kind of psychologically interesting in that way, i hope it is. It is not intended to be a life diary or something. Anyways, they explain it here in an embarrassing company promotion description :


Ok, i will put drawings now and try not to use you as target audience cattle.

July 10, 2010


R Crumb's "Genesis" publisher NORTON is putting it out (well duh, you think they would've published un-famous me otherwise??) and -- check it out -- it will be in places like BARNES & NOBLE, yeeeah, you heard me, not just obscure comic-book shops, huge ass fuckn fancy mainstream book stores !!
Yes, i am a proud whorin' sell-out. But i am grateful to NORTON, a few people there believe in my stuff, plus our anal, obsessive compulsiveness about printing our artwork (i say we because my mom and dad and i all edited it) is very trying and they worked hard on my book...
Thanks NORTON !!

OK, it is called "SOPHIE CRUMB : EVOLUTION OF A CRAZY ARTIST" and i will be in NYC early november to do a signing - if all goes well - at Barnes&Noble on Union Square, my old neighborhood!
You should all come if its not too far, i am also doing a show in a hip LES gallery early november, will talk about it soon.

(My editor said im not famous so you guys have to help create my "buzz", god what an obnoxious word... But there you have it.)

HI, sorry for neglecting the BLARG. I have some advertising to do by the way so STAY TUNED

May 17, 2010

me and my future husband's wedding invite drawing i did...

...even though this isnt a life diary blog, just wanted to post this surreal fuckn image of me as a bride (the people who know me will understand how weird that is). Kay!

May 16, 2010

Here are some postcard-sized ball-point pen drawings i did for a local gallery show around here, but that will also perhaps be in a NYC hipster gallery show of mine in the lower east side in november. I LOVE YOU AAL OF YOU who come to my blog.

February 19, 2010

recent sketchbook sheeeit

one of these was drawn while breast-feeding, heh heh pretty radical

January 27, 2010

taken from a photo in Vice