June 13, 2011

more sketchbook


  1. Weather wise, wasn't yesterday the maddest ? winterspringsummerheatwavethunderfalltropicalscandinavian. Your art is jaw dropping, as always. But you hear much of that.

  2. nuh uh ! not much ! keep it coming, are you kidding?

  3. Hey, what an honor to be posted on your blog! I just started editing the reportage, it`s so fun working at. I`ll give you a copy (though it all will be in norwegian though). We even found the proper music, the tune you are humming, remember? Anita

  4. has Having your little man changed the way you work at all? I get really fed up of hearing that you can't be a serious artist and a mother a5t the same time.I am really enjoying your posts and your new book.

  5. It's A nice surprise to me to know that the girl i saw in a documentary about the R. Crumb´s life have a such a good job in drawing.
    I´m from a little city in Brazil and I discovered the R. Crumb´s work recently and his drawings is very inspiring to me ´cause I also draw.
    It´s not my intention compare two different people but I feel very glad to see your work for the very first time.

  6. thanks ANita ! You found that song, really? cool !
    Bunny : well, i have phases where i have 0 energy, then i will see some book that really inspires me and go on a drawing spur... but i have workdays where my kid isnt with me and then it is serious. I would go nuts without that work-time.... LOVE your art !!!
    Rafael : thank you. i get a lot of bad attention for being a daughter of someone, so anything nice is always motivating... keep drawing !

  7. Very cool, Sophie. I also love drawing random stuff, but most of it is kept in my notebooks.
    Just loved the colors and shadows on the red bird, was it made with only pencils or ink too?(or just ink or whatever you use ;P). It's beautiful.
    I'll be sure to show some of your comics to my french teacher!
    There seems to be a problem with the "Follow" menu; pelase try to fix that =D

    Also, I don't mean to seem like some kinda self-promoting jerk, but if you'd like take a look at my blog; I started to draw some comics and put them there for the fun of it. Some of them are all wordless panels, but others are in portuguese (I'm brazillian)

  8. José : whats the follow menu? it works on my mac, is it a windows thing? i am bad at this stuff.
    the bird is rapidograph/rotring pen with colored pencils.

  9. I meant the "Followers" section at the right column, wich shows the icons of people who are currently "following" your blog. It wasn't showing properly for me before, but now it is; I guess it was something with my connection.
    And thank you for such a quick reply :O

  10. Ha Ha… the rollerblading man-purse wearing smoking while talking on his cellphone authentic asshole cracked me up. Good-one!

    Then again, I'm typing this from my iPhone so that sort-of makes me an a-hole too. Oh well.

    Keep up the good work - love your blog!

  11. There needs to be a whole comic about Roller Blading man. I bet he ruins people's days in interesting and annoying ways. Love this drawing!

  12. I like CETTE ANEÉ, the first drawing with primacolors in this section, y would like to se more stuff like this (figure 1 asphixia.. is so grat, too) I WOULD LIKE to mail you, plis take a look at my blogs (www.elquesoyloscigarrillos.blogspot.com ) ann sende some notes pliss.!


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