February 13, 2011

recent sketchbook drawings

this says :"Zaza's 10 years older" and Zozo is sad...

this is "Mister France" for real


  1. Ever thought of having an anthology of your sketchbooks published? I'd love to see a whole bunch of your work put together. xx

  2. I have seen the book edited by your parents on Amazon! I love artists sketchbooks. Aline Kominsky-Crumb's book was sensational, and I got a really good result for my thesis on her!

  3. Yo I write stuff and looking for someone to collaborate with. Contact me please! http://goo.gl/TlqCn

  4. A friend of mine went to de U.S.A this month, i beggin her to buy your book on Barnes and Noble. (I'm from Brasil, Amazon.com can be a real bitch when is about delivering any kind of thing here...)
    You work is realy great and you should continue with it, comics or not.
    Sure, you are the doughter of Crumb, and that's beautifull, you father and mother are both great artistes. But all your drawnings that i have seen in this blog and online are realy amazing, people who talk shit about your accomplishments are jealous people, they wish to have half your talent and creativity skills.
    Well that's all, i realy hope to get your book and all.

  5. The 2nd from the botton is quite lovely.

  6. Soph any chance we can score an interview with you for www.horrorsleazetrash.com ?

    sorry about the form of contact, couldnt find an email.


  7. Do you love your dad? Because you wiped off his kiss as a child while playing your nintendo game boy. stwebb1@me.com

  8. wow wow wow! i just discovered your blog. i'm so in love with your art and sketchbooks!!!!!


  9. en plus tu adore l'allaitement! yeah!!! :)

  10. First artwork of yours I ever saw was a short comic in one of those 'years best comics' anthologies - it featured you complaining to a small spud-like anthropomorphic critter. I was amused.

    Then I stumbled on the "Crazy Artist" book, which I found to be amazing. To the best of my knowledge I don't think there is another book quite like it in existence, one that chronicles the development of an artist from age 3 to adulthood.

    Then I found this blog - I'm glad I did, your artwork is top-notch. I do wish you could update it more frequently though.

    Coming as you do from a family of artists (and I include both of your uncles on your fathers side in that category) you are not only carrying on the tradition but, if anything, surpassing what they've accomplished - no mean feat that.

    I certainly look forward to watching your artistic development as it plays out in the coming years!

  11. thank you Mudshark... a lot, means alot that anyone would think that !