January 1, 2010

Im gunna try to figure this shit out...

I will try to soon have this all figured out and be regularly posting art and photos (i will try to fight against theonline diary  urge but eh.. but yeah, ideally it would be even better than a web-site because way more active, interactive and updated alot. And people can be constantly in touch with me unlike on a web-site when you're like "oh cool how can i contact this asshole" and then you notice that the last time someone touched the thing was may 2006. So yeah, active web-blog-site whatever the stupid fuck you wanna call it. Lets just call it Soph's online page. I dont care. I will, anyways, be regularly adding sketchbook drawings, more fancy drawings, comics, tattoos, sellable artwork, upcoming news about my art n shit, photos, and comicand random fascinating shit about ME !!! yay !

1 comment:

  1. hiya
    nice to meet you
    just a word so you can see
    some eyes are put on you
    and love that, yeah
    nice sh*** you got here
    keep on posting