January 6, 2010

ha ha

i am so computer-missing that i am alone in my little blog world cause i dont know how to make people look at it. Oh, i guess i could just email you a link, but isnt there an easier way?
Anyways, i feel dumb right now. I'm blogging to myself ! Is this going crazy kind of ? mwahha ha 
ok no, im gunna put up some drawlins... thats the point of this thing, NOT ranting, right?


  1. Hey Soph, put up a Face Book presence and you can put a link to your blog. Getting your name out there...marketing..is the bane of the true Artiste!!!

  2. AS of now, I'm linkin' you. Others will follow. Just watch it grow.

  3. You don't consider your drawings to be ranting?
    Just found your blog...you needn't look at mine...I don't think there is even anything there. I do all my ranting at deviantart.com.

  4. Your work has changed so much! Your blog is lovely. xxx