April 1, 2013

"we all love french pig!"


  1. Is it John snow ? La troisième saison part bien tu trouves pas ? C'est bien qu'ils prennent des libertés avec les bouquins.

    1. Wow bien vu Rosko! Pas encore vu la 3e saison...

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  4. i have loved your work ever since i saw it. i like your brain very much.

  5. Hello Sophie Crumb,

    I’m putting together an illustrated book of original poems and would be backflippingly thrilled to include a piece by you. I’ve enjoyed your art for years, and your antics for years before that (as illustrated by your folks)—so I feel it’s worth my venturing to ask you, even out of the blue like this.

    Unsolicited as it is, I hope this proposal will grab your interest. I would love to send you details if so. You can email me at efflux@sonic.net or reply here (I think).

    Looking forward to your reply, yes or no,

    Daniel Ari

    PS: You can see work in progress at fightswithpoems – at – blogspot – dot – com.

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  7. "accidental poetry of toddlers" ...great stuff, sophie (reminds me of the things my daughters used to say when they were younger)!! :)

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